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What We Do

For Job Candidates

Entrusting your job search to a recruiter is an important decision. You rarely select the first person you meet or the person that continuously calls you. You want to select one that takes the time to understand what makes you tick. One that takes a personal interest in your success, and will remain in contact with you long after you have landed that job. At DeLuca Search, we only work with 2-3 candidates or open positions any one time. Thus, you get the attention you, and your search, deserves. Our first step is to get to know you. We put you under the magnifying glass and perform the following steps:

Step 1:

Get us a copy of your resume. You may mail it to us, email it to us or upload it to us using the button below. 

Step 2:

Once we have completed a review of your resume, we will call you to arrange a time to speak. The purpose of this call is to see if there is good chemistry between us and discuss your needs and the clients’ needs in greater detail. After this discussion we will schedule an in-person meeting, or a video meeting, to perform a more in depth screening or if appropriate, discuss the requirements of an open position. 

Step 3:

At this point, if both parties are comfortable and an open position exists, DeLuca Search will present the candidate to the client. If no open position exists, DeLuca Search will search its network of clients to find an opening. We do not sit and wait for an opportunity to find us. 

Step 4:

Once an appropriate opening is found, DeLuca Search will discuss the opportunity with the candidate BEFORE being presented to the client company. Once presented, DeLuca Search will assist in setting all appointments and provide strategy assistance to the candidate. DeLuca Search will help with final negotiations if necessary. 

For Our Clients

As with the job candidates we serve, getting to know you, our clients, is paramount at DeLuca Search. Developing a valued, trusted relationship takes time and is the main reason that DeLuca Search keeps its client focus very narrow. To perform successfully for you, we devote the time to understand your people and the culture of the organization those people work in. We work diligently to understand the qualities and core values of our clients so we only present candidates that would be successful in your organization. We work hard to establish solid relationships with our clients. It is our strong belief that when our core values align that solving your sourcing needs will be a win for both your firm and ours. When you have an opening you need filled you can expect the following from DeLuca Search:

Step 1:

When a client need or a company requisition is identified, DeLuca Search will arrange to speak to the company hiring manager. In our view this first discussion is critical. If the chemistry is not there the search may not turn out to be as successful as both would like. At DeLuca Search we value trust, open and honest communications, respect and professionalism. 

During this initial discussion DeLuca Search will qualify this opportunity to understand the clients need in great depth. At the end of this meeting, if a decision has been made to work together, DeLuca Search will prepare an outline of an execution plan to discuss. 

Step 2:

If no contract is in place, one will be executed with the client at this time. 

  • Once the contract is in place DeLuca Search will earnestly begin working to find the candidate that meets the client need.

DeLuca Search will regularly update and communicate with the client as to the status of the search.

Step 3:

For the client building or expanding their DE&I program, DeLuca Search can assist with the strategy to locate the candidates the client needs to optimize your program. A DE&I hiring strategy will help you realize the benefits that only a diverse and inclusive organization can. 


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